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Body Composition 

Scales don't tell the whole story, most individuals rely on weight scales as a sign of progress in "weight management", but weight scales paint a small picture of the situation. Body Mass Index (BMI) does not provide information of where the fat deposit sites are but with combining information from three specific measurements; BMI, Waist Circumference and Skin Folds. We can gain a full picture on the amount of body fat and where it is distributed. You're body composition will be assessed using skin fold calipers and girth measurements. Appointment time: Approx .45 hours

Fitness Appraisal 

Would you like to know how fit you are? With our certified CSEP trainer, we can test you using CPAFLA and CSEP protocols including; Healthy Body Composition, Healthy Aerobic Fitness, Healthy Musculoskeletal Fitness, healthy Back Fitness and Flexibility Fitness. All results will be reviewed by our trainer who will then provide you with sound guidance on your future goals while giving you necessary information to get you on you're way to a fresh kick start on the NEW you. Appointment time: Approx 1.5 hours

Fitness Appraisal and Program Design 

Our certified trainer will use the information that was assembled from your initial consultation along with your fitness appraisal to design a SMART goals and a 4 week exercise program just for you. In the program design, you will have access with the trainer twice to overview your program, full review of your testing score and a full print out of your score/program. Appointment time: Approx 3.0 hours

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